Our interest is in helping to understand and tap into the assets of creative people so that they can build sustainable livelihoods and adaptive, thriving, arts and cultural ecologies.

Our expertise is in collective leadership, strengthening the capacity of individuals, groups and communities to co-operate, collaborate and grow their collective intelligence in new ways so that they can flourish.

Our network has deep knowledge and decades of experience in:

  • creation and execution of new ideas
  • supporting creative people throughout their lifecycle
  • place making
  • design
  • network organisation and development
  • peer learning
  • developing and launching products
  • financial capitalisation
  • community building
  • challenging the status quo
  • failing
  • succeeding
  • people development
  • research
  • curating
  • digital and technology driven art forms
  • running buildings
  • running festivals

If you want to talk to us about working with you in other ways besides learning The Art of Living Dangerously then email us at donna@fleetcollective.com