Learning new ways to work, risk and live so that we can build a more sustainable world for ourselves and for others won’t be easy.

The good news is that many different cultural and creative practices will continue to be sought after in this ‘Great Transition’, not only in relation to the making of beautiful things, useful things, needed things but also in the design of new responses to the increasing number of social, environmental and economic pressures we will be coming under.

In order to capitalise on these these opportunities, we are going to have to make sure that what we do, how we do it, where we do it and who we do it for, stays relevant and vital.

We think paying more attention and investing more time and energy in the following three areas will help us achieve this:

  • taking greater responsibility for our own learning. This means ensuring that we are constantly honing our own skill sets and coming together with others through different networks and communities to critically reflect on what we do, how we do it, where we do it and who we do it for.
  • taking risks. Adrian Ellis has said “an on-going commitment to experimentation and to development is a defining characteristic of artistic endeavor – irrespective of the ultimate aesthetic merit, critical reception, social value, or commercial success or failure of the product of that endeavor”.
  • Staying curious. Curiosity not only enables individual creative breakthroughs, it encourages us to be proactive in taking our skills and expertise into new environments.


Use this journaling tool to reflect on what came into focus for you as a result of thinking about those three areas.

Journaling is a great way to connect to a deeper sense of self-knowing and to begin acting from that place. It can help you heighten your sense of self-knowing, enable a shift in the state of your attention to a deeper level and create new awareness and new questions about ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want to do with the rest of you life’. You’ll find opportunities to do journaling exercises throughout this web platform.