“We need new ideas, we need new ways of doing things and we need a whole new way of approaching each other with much more empathy and understanding. This means that the rest of society really needs to focus on the world of art and culture as a vital source for not only solutions, but also ways of finding solutions… and a whole knew concept of what a valuable life really means.” Uffe Elbaek, former Danish Minister of Culture

The huge ongoing debate about the value of arts and culture won’t have escaped your notice! But its easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the often very academic framing that dominates discussion about this crucial topic.

To help you articulate your value to all the different kinds of people your work is for, we’ve created a taxonomy of eight different kinds of value that we think pretty much covers everything.

Once you’ve spent some time thinking about how the value you create is reflected in that taxonomy, have a play around with the Alternative Balance Sheet we have started to create below. You can download a pdf copy here.

AltBalV2.1 2

This is a live prototype Alternative Balance Sheet and we are very keen to get feedback on it and how it can be improved so please do share your experience of using it with us. 

If you haven’t used a timeline before, think carefully about what activities you want to chart over what time frame. This could be your practice over a year or the lifetime of a particular project.

The bottom section offers and opportunity for you to ‘weigh the balance’ of what you achieved in each of the columns on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

The column headings relate to the boxes above and we’ve put in an empty column, ‘other’, for you to use if there is an outcome from your activities that is not represented in the named columns.

When you’ve done that, use this journaling tool to reflect on what emerged for you from that process.

Journaling is a great way to connect to a deeper sense of self-knowing and to begin acting from that place. It can help you heighten your sense of self-knowing, enable a shift in the state of your attention to a deeper level and create new awareness and new questions about ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want to do with the rest of your life’. You’ll find opportunities to do journaling exercises throughout this web platform.