There’s lots of useful resources and advice out there to help creative people develop their expertise in basic business practices. So we don’t want to re-invent the wheel.

What we do want to do is offer a different mode of transport altogether by acting as a ‘stargate’ to learning resources that will help you

  • think more deeply about your intention and what kind of outcomes or growth you want to achieve and for whom and
  • how those outcomes or that growth best align with your own values and our collective need to strengthen the kinds of values that will help make the world more liveable.

This will be about much more than the amount we produce and others consume, the narrative that government and funders demand from us most often. And it includes how your work impacts on your own field of practice and its development. We’ve started this part of the site with a set of resources to help you think about these issues in new ways and we’ll be looking to add to them with other suggestions from the field. So if you have any recommendations of examples or material you think would be helpful to others, please get in touch.

We’re also planning to open up the mental space for inquiry into different ways of growing impact through peer designed and led events which will help you to get better at expressing your value by:

  • generating new ways of looking at a challenge or question and
  • developing  new approaches for responding to the challenge or question

These will be delivered through partnerships with existing organisations and networks and we’ll keep you posted as to when we can start them and where via the Share Your Experience section.

In the meantime, use the icons below to navigate through the material we’ve curated for this section and use the reflective journaling tool to help you keep track of your responses to them.


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