Alvin Toffler’s assertion of our need to “learn, unlearn and relearn” if we are to build knowledge and skills fit for the 21st century continues to be profoundly relevant.

As more and more of us sense the increasing structural and systemic disconnects that are driving massive social inequality, resource depletion and climate change across our planet home, we know we need a rapid and radical rethinking of how we live and work and a fundamental redefinition of the values on which those activities are based.

At the same time, on a day to day level, achieving a sustainable livelihood requires us to earn money, have a roof over our heads, a place to work, friends and family who love and care for us and who we have time and energy to love and care for back. It requires us to become expert navigators of our precarious economic environment and constantly scan the horizon to see what dangers and opportunities lie around the corner. And it requires us to pay deep attention to developing our knowledge and skills so that we can constantly adapt to work in ways that are meaningful for us.

We believe spending some time clarifying our values and ethos and increasing our self awareness – connecting deeper to who we really are – will help us get better at The Art of Living Dangerously, so in this part of the site we’ve curated a set of resources to help you think about these issues.

We’re also planning peer designed and led events to support you learn, unlearn and relearn. These will be aimed at helping you:

  • generate new ways of looking at a challenge or question and
  • develop new approaches for responding to the challenge or question

They will be delivered through partnerships with existing organisations and networks and we’ll keep you posted as to when we can start them and where via the Share Your Experience section.

In the meantime, use the icons below to navigate through the material we’ve curated for this section and use the reflective journaling tool to help you keep track of your responses to them.


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